Elizabeth Ryder lives in Boise, Idaho.  She is an ordained Minister of Word and Sacrament in the Presbyterian Church (USA) and currently serves as a chaplain in oncology.  She enjoys gardening, running, cooking, backpacking, and yoga.  Time in the wilderness restores her soul.

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  1. I enjoy hiking also. Please give me more information on using nature to assist me in dealing with High Blood Pressure and Type 2 Diabetes.


    • Hi Richard, I apologize for the delay in my response. Thank you for finding my blog and asking your question. Since you have some health challenges, are you connected to a primary care physician? I ask because my recommendation would be to ask your doctor the same question–follow his/her guidance about physical activity, since they will be aware of any precautions you might need to take with regard to exercise. That being said, nature is very good for our bodies, minds, and spirits. Here in Boise we are so fortunate to have the Greenbelt walking paths and all the trails in the Ridge to Rivers foothills network. So, as long as your doctor gives you the go-ahead to exercise, I would start by walking. Just start small–which is relative to what your current amount of exercise looks like–and bring an awareness to the various forms of nature that always surround us in this area: birds, the river and its ecosystem, hills, mountains, grasses, trees. I hope spending more time outside and hiking in the area contributes positively to your health.


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