Welcome home!

Dearest readers,

Welcome to MySatisHouse.

Ahhhhhh, see that lovely picture in the background above–the old, worn farmhouse, surrounded by the grassy field?  Perhaps that’s an orchard, soaking in the sunlight as the trees do their inner work of growing delicious apples or juicy peaches.  What a place of simple beauty.

Well, hopefully someday I’ll own a home of that ilk–a weathered, wooden homestead on acreage in the double-digits.  I’ll have a back forest with trails winding throughout, just like the woods at the home where I grew up.  I’ll have a little barn where my piggies, cows, and sheep live.  Certainly there will be a chicken coop filled with heritage birds and where I can collect freshly laid eggs each morning.  There will be a rabbit hutch where my little bunnies can poop away and it’ll go straight into my garden for fertilizer.  Maybe I’ll even have a horse grazing in the back pasture for my little nieces to ride when they come spend the summers with me.  Certainly there will be a huge garden–gardens upon gardens.  Flower gardens.  Perennial gardens.  A kitchen herb garden–a jardin potager– complete with rows of purple lavender, bees buzzing about, the scent of sage and basil and thyme stirred up into the hot summer air as your leg brushes by.  Someday, that will be Satis House 2 (or maybe 3 or 4, if it takes me a while to get there…)

But, for now, I own my first home.  Satis House 1, I suppose.  This is assuming, of course, that there will be subsequent Satis Houses in my life.  (Again, read:  farmhouse, farmhouse, farmhouse…!)  I may not have my orchard full of apple and peach trees, but I do live off Orchard Street, so that’s a start, right…???  (And, to be fair, my next door neighbor tells me my Queen Anne cherry tree actually produces, so I’ve got that going for me.)  But again, this is my first home:  my little darling of a red-brick mid-century modern house that appeared in my life just when I needed it.

“It.”  I should say now that I’m torn as to whether or not my house is male or female.  It has multiple rooms that are painted in light pastel colors, and it’s overall so comfy/cute/cozy that I’m inclined to say it’s a girl.  And yet my counselor at one point said flat out, “You know your house is male, right?  Just think of it as a man that’s really in touch with his feminine side…”  So there’s that.  But I’m not going to commit to its gender just yet–I have to live in it a little longer before anthropomorphizing it to that extreme…  That being said, I’m certainly calling my house “the new love of my life.”  From the moment I pulled up to the curb, to when I first walked inside and took a quick look around, I knew this was “the one.”  Yes.  “The one.”  Like, “I’m going to buy this house, this is where I’m going to live, and we were meant to be together forever.”  I mean, who knows if I’ll reeeeeeeally live here for the rest of my life (I’m still pretty young, relatively speaking, and I do really want that farmette I just described at length above…)  But, this house was meant for me, and I was meant for it.  My counselor did say that Freud would call a home a love object, so that makes it not so weird, right…??

So anyway, there is so much to say, but for this first post I’ll wrap it up with a little vision for this blog.  I’ve wanted to write a blog for almost ten years, but, like most writers, I’m pretty afraid of vulnerability and of actually sharing the majority of the thoughts that are constantly dancing around inside my head.  I’ve tried a couple different times to write one, but failed in that I never even got started.  I’ve been telling my friends for years about “the blog that I’m writing in my head,” as well as other writing projects that as yet remain fantasies.  Several times in my life when I’ve been in the midst of an intense and time-limited experience (internships, residency, wedding planning, etc), I thought, This is the perfect time to start that blog I’ve always wanted to write…  But again, time just kept on ticking, ticking, ticking, into the future, and the blog never got written.

Sooooooo, pat on the back for me for putting myself, my thoughts, and my home out there for all the world to see/read/hear, etc.  Admittedly, it’s been about six months since I first started looking for my home, found it quickly, bought it, started renovating, moved in, etc, and so I couldn’t let any more time pass without recording the adventures of Satis House for all y’all to read.  I wish I would have started it that very day I walked in the front door and knew I’d found the one, mostly so I could document our adventures in real time.  But, alas, I’ll just have to catch you up on the goings-on of Satis House that you’ve missed since last November.  (And boy, have you missed a lot…)

So for now, welcome to my lovely new home, a place where people always feel they have enough.  (I’ll explain the name in a post to come…)


PS:  I’m not the strongest techie, so bear with me as I learn to actually insert photos into my posts, insert links, write in different fonts, etc… 😉


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