We are the Champions………

Hello dearest,

Aye, aye, aye…….  I just had a 2.5 hour presentation on windows from the Champion Windows sales rep.  Don’t get me wrong–he was very knowledgeable and did a great job, so I’m totally sold and want them for my currently-extremely-energy-inefficient-old home, BUT, it may take me like a year to save up for them.  Soooooo, in the mean time, I’ll just continue wearing multiple layers, my sheepskin UGG slippers, and cuddling up with my furry blanket until my home becomes warmer when it’s cold out.  I suppose in a few short months when it’s bound to be in the 90s for weeks on end I’ll have to de-layer and take a cold shower before climbing in between the sheets.

Anyway, at one point when I was in the process of buying my home, I came across a Pin (from Pinterest, of course–where else….???) that was a list of

10 Questions You MUST Ask Before You Buy a Home!

I think it’s intention was to warn first-time homebuyers about the risks of purchasing a home that needed major renovation and upgrading.  It was a bit demoralizing, as pretty much every item on their list was cause for concern for this gem that I was about to purchase.  Fortunately, the homebuying process went totally smoothly, and I am 100% happy with my new little house.  But, #1 on the list, asking, “Will the windows need to be replaced?” is still cause for concern.  Yes, they do “need” to be replaced, eventually, but while I’m secure in the amount of savings I have in the bank, I’m not willing to drain it all to get fancy new windows.  So, alas, I think this fall I’ll start my savings campaign so that I can upgrade the windows in about a year.  It’ll be good to have a big project to work towards, but I’m not looking forward to what will likely be either a sweltering summer inside these brick walls, or a chilled one that comes complete with exorbitant energy costs (read:  AC).

I’ll let you know when I get new windows, but don’t hold your breath.



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