Happy Anniversary!

Dear friends,

Today, December 22, 2015, is the one-year anniversary of officially getting the keys to my house.  Yay!  That was such an exciting day–I’ll never forget it!  I came to the house after work, snapped a few selfies and lots of what will be the “before” pictures in my photo-album-to-be, and took myself out for a celebratory dinner at Tango’s to enjoy some Argentinean empanadas in my “new” neighborhood.

This has been such a wonderful year–so full of positive growth as I’ve settled into my lovely home and worked to make it mine.  I’m particularly appreciative of my dad, who spent about 6 weeks with me in the new year doing renovations to turn it into the perfect home for me.  When he first arrived in early January, we walked through the house and I pointed out about a half-a-dozen changes (some small, some significant) that I asked him to make.  And he did them all, one by one.  It was so fun to come up to the house after work every day and see the progress he was making.  I remember thinking to myself, Well, gee, I know I asked him to do all this, but somehow I didn’t believe it was all actually going to get done…  But it did come together by the time I was ready to move in in February.

Another of my favorite memories from this first year was my house blessing/housewarming party.  So many friends in my community joined together to fill my home with love and laughter and to bless the space and those who enter it.  A real highlight was the blessing of my bedroom–and ALLLLLL the people who will sleep there…….  Everyone from work got a kick out of thinking of the chaplain and alllll the people who might find themselves sleeping in my bedroom.  I turned about the color of a summer-ripe tomato.  It was hilarious.

I’ve enjoyed hosting groups of friends and neighbors for casual get-togethers.  Easter dinner here with several colleagues was a lovely time in the spring.

I had considered staying home to celebrate my first “real” Christmas at Satis House, but I’ve decided to drive home to be with family and friends this year.  Assuming I actually get there (lots of bad, snowy weather forecast for the mountains….), I know I will enjoy reconnecting with my loved ones.  Hopefully I will have plenty of joyous Christmases here in my Satis House in the years to come.

I love my house so much.  It was by far the best Christmas present I ever bought myself…

Merry Christmas to you all, my friends.  Thank you for joining me in my house both in real life and from afar as you read my stories.  You all are always welcome at Satis House.

Peace be with you,


first day selfie

First time in my new house–can you tell I’m just a little excited…?!


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